portfolio sample

We like to showcase top creative talent represented by Qualified Creatives. Today, we are featuring Nicole.

Nicole is an international designer who was born in Germany and studied in the States. She worked in Miami for seven years in corporate and advertising agency environments. Nicole’s designs are usually very colorful, eye-catching and always clean. She is very detail oriented and loves to do fabulous mock-ups for her clients.

Nicole is seeking a great fulltime opportunity. The one caveat is that she will need H1 visa sponsorship. However, she is willing to take care of the related paperwork and expenses herself. If you need help with anything from brand identities to brochures to media kits or package design, give us a call. We would love to talk about how you can add Nicole to your team.

Please take a few minutes to review her profile and portfolio samples.

The next time you need creative staffing services, Qualified Creatives has the right creative talent… right when you need it.

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